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24-hour Plumbing Emergency Services

If you rely on clean water in your home or business, then any plumbing issue, big or small, is an emergency. That’s why we are proud to offer our licensed, insured, and bonded plumbing services 24 hours a day in the Alabama area. 

There are a lot of cases where you need to act quickly, especially when it comes to burst pipes, backed-up sewer system, leaky or a non-functional water heater, and other emergency plumbing problems in the Bessemer area.

Our expert Bessemer plumbers are ready to diagnose and repair any issue you may have to get your plumbing system up and running as quickly as possible. Call (205) 807-8279 -- one call repairs all! 

24-hour Plumbing Emergency Services in Bessemer

We provide our 24-hour Plumbing Emergency Services in the Bessemer area because many water accidents do not occur during normal business hours. Damage to plumbing system, residential or commercial, can strike at any time. Waiting until the next day for a plumber to open can cause great material damage, leading to increased financial cost. Only regular Plumbing Maintenance and inspection can prevent those emergency plumbing repairs, but if such an event like plumbing or a problem sewer line occurs, it is necessary to act as quickly as possible.

Water can destroy anything and everything in your home! We are always open, ready to answer your emergency call, and dispatch our expert Bessemer plumbers to fix your plumbing issue. By getting your plumbing issues fixed immediately, you can minimize damage and keep your home safe and clean. Our Alabama Plumbing Services 24-hour Emergency service is equipped with the right parts and materials needed to handle all types of plumbing issues because our Bessemer plumbers are experienced in dealing with major plumbing problems every day.

Top Reasons To Call A Bessemer Emergency Plumber

Burst Pipes

Do not try to fix this issue yourself. Oftentimes, a DIY fix results in more expensive repairs that a professional has to do more extensive work to repair the original problem as well as the homeowners attempted repair. A burst pipe will emit hundreds of gallons of water quickly, flooding your home and causing massive damage. You should call a plumber immediately to resolve this.


Clear clogs as soon as possible. Chemical drain openers will do permanent damage to your plumbing system. It may seem like a cheaper alternative in the short run, but our professional and skilled Bessemer plumbers can remove clogs without damaging your pipes. With a clogged toilet, it’s best to call an emergency plumber anyway since the water is not sanitary.

Drain Issues

If you notice that your sinks or tubs are draining slowly, you may have a clog that needs to be professionally removed in order to optimize your plumbing system. One clogged drain may just require drain cleaning from our Bessemer plumbers, and not the services of our emergency plumbers, but if several of your drains are clogging at the same time, it may signal a greater problem brewing such as a sewer backup. Especially when it comes to the problem in the commercial area, you need to act quickly for your business to operate safely and for the health of your customers and employees.


Replace hardware in toilets that leak or “run” continuously to avoid wasting money on a high water bill and possibly septic tank issues. We are providing Faucet Repair and Replacement in the Bessemer area.

Hot Water Heater Outage

Cold, icy water isn’t always fun to bathe or shower in, and this may or may not be a true plumbing emergency unless hot water is essential to your home or business for safety, health or medical reasons. Going without hot water for any period of time is uncomfortable, so it’s best to call in our plumber as quickly as possible to check your water heaters in the Bessemer area. 

High Water Bill

You might not be able to see a water leak or water pooling, but if your water bill suddenly peaks with no explanation, it’s best to call us right away. That’s a signal that you have flooding going on somewhere, and it could be causing extensive damage and additional high water bills. We can help diagnose and mitigate this situation - Leak Detection and Repair - in the Bessemer area.

What is usually not an emergency:

Not all emergencies are emergencies, so if you can do without some comforts until the next business day, it’s best to do so. Here are a few things that can possibly wait.

  • Leaky Appliances or Sinks – turn the water off to the appliance and use another sink in the interim
  • A single clogged or running toilet when you have others in the home that still work
  • Installation of Appliances
  • Drain clogs that still drain slowly but are confined to a single area in the home
  • Preventative services and Plumbing Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Remodel or building work
  • Toilet Installation

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