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Water Line Installation

Whether you’re building a new home or business or upgrading an existing water line, our plumbing technicians at Precision Services can handle it! When determining where to place a new water line, our technicians take many factors into account. 

Each property is different and will present different challenges during water line installation, which can affect pricing. For example, the length of the water line, along with the debris our technicians will have to work through -- think tree roots and asphalt -- are major factors in determining installation costs.

Water Line Repair and Replacement

Most homes and businesses are connected to the existing water infrastructure of their town or city through a single water line. That means water line issues pose huge problems for home and business owners. You rely on water to cook, clean, drink, bathe, use the restroom, and more around your home, so it is essential that your water line is working correctly.

Signs that a water line is malfunctioning include

Sudden changes in your water bills

Wet spots outside on your lawn

A hissing or whistling noise when you turn water on inside or outside your home

A running meter

A sudden drop in water pressure

Unexplained water pooling inside or outside your home

Damp or mildewed spots in your walls or ceilings

Our plumbing technicians are water line experts. Using their professional experience, they can diagnose your issue and work with you to identify a solution that fits your plumbing needs. 

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