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Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning may not sound glamorous, but it's an essential service to keep your plumbing system running efficiently. Unclogging a pipe or drain is not as simple as it seems. If it’s done improperly -- including relying on chemical cleaners -- it can cause permanent damage to your plumbing system. Handling raw sewage can also be a dangerous and messy job. Save yourself the hassle and let our expert Bessemer plumbing technicians service your drains.  

Our plumbers at Alabama Plumbing Services are qualified to remove clogs safely and without causing further damage to your pipes and drains. Using technology like hydro-jetting, our technicians can clear clogs caused by waste and mineral build-up. Our Bessemer plumbers are available 24 hours a day to service, repair, and replace your drains.

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The Advantages of Having Your Drains Serviced by Alabama Plumbing Services include:

Longer Life for Your Drains

Regular cleaning not only reduces the risk of repairs, but it can also lengthen the lifespan of your drains.

Less Frequent Clogs

Drains will clog because of debris from a variety of sources. If the unchecked clog goes unserviced your drain will be slowed. Long-term damage can be caused to your drains and plumbing system if the clogs go on too long.

Reduced odors

When food gets trapped in your drains it creates the perfect environment for harmful growths to develop, which can result in unpleasant smells in your whole home.

Less Costly, Last-Minute Repairs

Before small plumbing issues turn into major plumbing emergencies, it is better to have regular plumbing maintenance to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Indoor air quality

There are lots of bacteria and bugs living in uncleaned pipes. These contaminants can get into the air in your home and affect its quality.

Other Maintenance Tips:

Steer Clear of Chemical Cleaners

While chemical drain cleaners are easily accessible and look like a good “quick-fix” when you don’t know what else to do, they are not your best choice. They are full of harsh, corroding chemicals that will do more harm to your drains than good.

What Should You Do to Unclog Your Drain Instead?

There are some Do-It-Yourself methods that may be helpful before making the call to our licensed professionals. Just keep in mind that these only work for simple, easy-to-clear clogs. Anything more advanced requires that you call us and enlist the aid of a plumbing professional who can give you a solution that is safe for your plumbing system and your wallet.

Bathroom Drains

Toothpaste and hair are the number 1 drain cloggers in bathroom sinks and tub drains! When you find out that your bathroom sinks or bathtub are clogged, you can try plugging the drain, filling the sink or tub with hot water, then unplugging the drain and allowing the hot water to run through and hopefully clean out whatever is causing the issue.

If that method doesn’t do the trick, our expert plumbers are available 24/7 to help. They will either use a plunger or a snake to physically remove the clog in a way that’s safe for your pipes.

Preventing Bathroom Clogs

A great way to prevent clogs is to run a bit of hot water down your drains after every time you brush your teeth or take a shower. This method will help to flush your drains and stop the clog before it grows to a point where more drastic measures are needed.


Nothing other than the obvious should EVER go down your toilet. Doing so will almost definitely cause a clog, and no one likes a backed-up toilet. If a plunger is not solving your problems, it’s time to call one of our licensed professionals in Bessemer who can determine the root of the issue and get it fixed for you right away.

Preventing Toilet Clogs

Flushing ANYTHING down your toilet  except for toilet paper will assuredly do damage to your plumbing system. These items will create advanced clogs that will need the help of professional plumbers, costing you time and money. Toilets are not made to handle any of these items safely, so be diligent in throwing them away instead.

Kitchen Drains

A combination of hot water and dish soap can help to loosen up clogs in your kitchen sink drain! Turn on the water as hot as you can in an attempt to soften the clog. Then, pour some dish soap in to help dissolve the clog. If this doesn’t work, you can try a small kitchen plunger to remove the clog.

Preventing Kitchen Drain Clogs

Grease is the number one enemy of kitchen sink drains. While it may look harmless going down as liquid, once it sits it will coagulate and clog your drain quickly. It’s best to catch your food grease in something else where you can dispose of it once it has solidified. When using the garbage disposal, it helps to run hot water while it is running after using it. This way, any food that is stuck in it will be flushed down and not get the chance to clog up your drain.

While some of these Do-It-Yourself methods may come in handy in a pinch, your drains will need to be serviced by a professional from time-to-time. That’s why you can rely on our professional, licensed, and insured technicians in Bessemer to get the job done right every time. We will clean your drains and clear out clogs while ensuring the integrity of your pipes.

If you’re in the Bessemer area and you need plumbing services you can trust, you can count on us every time. There’s a reason we are the number one plumbing service in Bessemer, and we want to show you for ourselves. Your home or business deserves only the best for its plumbing systems, and our Bessemer professional plumbers are ready to provide just that.

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